Dj Morphiziz: International

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Stagestalker Entertainment and Underground Blaze Records is proud to present DJ Morph's 5th album entitled "International". This project is a Hip Hop/Rap compilation of exclusive material with extraordinary artists from across the country. This projects is set apart from other compilation projects due to it being presented in a DJ/Mixtape format showcasing remarkable scratch transitions from one song to the next. The music style diversity ranges from east coast, south/crunk, R&B and electro/party, as the goal is to reach and cater to as many as possible. DJ Morph is a Dove award nominee and has served as tour DJ for KJ52, Urban D and International artist Funky in addition to His individual dates and events. DJ Morph has extensively toured the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia, the Caribbean, Central and South America for the last 6 years

Track Listing:
1. Intro – ft. Eddie Nigma
2. Glorious – ft. Sho Baraka
3. Plan Our Work – ft. theBREAX
4. What They Need – ft. Japhia Life, Eddie Nigma, & 2Five The Hood Rev.
5. Can’t Break Us – ft. Frontlynaz
6. When The Night Falls – ft. Break Bread
7. So Worthy – ft. Psalmizt, & R-Swift
8. Get Loose Wit It – ft. Big Nate, K Drama, & Khul Rhema
9. Let The Record Drop – ft. Rhema Soul, & G-Styles
10. King Kong – ft. Eddie Nigma
11. Where You From pt. II – ft. Braille, Mahogany Jones, K-Drama, Jovan Mackenzy, & Oppose
12. Feelin That – ft. Exilian, Applejaxx, & Sharp Skills
13. Who’s Gangsta – ft. Big Nate
14. Fire – ft. G-Notes, Joe Justiz, Docious, & Naysia
15. International – ft. G-Notes, Applejaxx, Sharp Skills, & Knuff
16. Til' Death – ft. Young Joshua & Phien-X Zekaryah
17. Tryna Breathe – ft. Eric Cross, Mahogany Jones, Eddie Nigma, & Mozel
18. Let Go – ft. Break Bread
19. Where Can I Go – ft.Tony P